What is the difference between the Basic and Premium Package?

We explain 🙂

  1. The Morrisby test is a test of predispositions and preferences concerning not only the field of study, but also the future place, method or role at work and dominant ways of thinking that imply ways of learning. It is included in the Premium Package due to expanding the candidate’s awareness of future choices and roles as well as a list of characteristics that can be used when writing a Personal Statement.
  1. The main difference between the Basic and Premium packages is the application documents. In the Premium Package, the trainee prepares documents from scratch with the mentor and works on them until both parties are satisfied with them. In the Basic Package, the applicant prepares all the documents INDEPENDENTLY, and the mentor only checks them.

Price list

Application packages

BasicPremiumOxbridgeMedicine / Architecture
Access to the functionality of the Platform: videocall, applicant's tasks, applicants' materials
Morrisby Diagnostic Test
Creating an application timeline for the selected field of study
Preparation of materials needed in the application process
Preparation of the necessary application documents
Checking the correctness of application documents
Checking the correctness of the submitted application in the university's application system
Preparation for the application exam/Working on the portfolio
Preparation for the interview
Post-application assistance
Price from
3 230 EUR
2 820 EUR

Price from
5 000 EUR
4 350 EUR

Price from
9 450 EUR
8 230 EUR