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EduCat is an educational platform that connects mentors, i.e. students and graduates of universities around the world, with students who want to apply for studies abroad.


BA Economics and Management
University of Oxford


Sciences Po
Social Sciences and Humanities


Interactive Media and Busines
New York University


Executive MBA
Florida International University


Molecular Biology
Duke University


Classics, Literature and Linguistics
Trinity College Dublin


Program for Leadership Development
Harvard Business School


University of Brighton, TU Delft

Why mentors?

  • Specialists in the field of applications for a given country
  • Individual approach in the field of application for your dream direction
  • Constant presence in the academic communities of local universities

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What does cooperation with EduCat look like?

Everything you need for your study abroad application in one place

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Why EduCat?


For years, we have been making hundreds of customers start studying abroad every year.


Each person who has applied for the min. 5 universities abroad recommended by EduCat, got into at least one of them.

Comfortable, transparent
cooperation model

Your application, e.g. to study abroad in UK, is taken care of by one dedicated person of your choice that specialises in given studies abroad – a mentor.

Competitive prices

EduCat offers the best study abroad cost as it connects the student directly with the mentor and transfers all processes to an online platform.

They trusted us



MSc Economic and Social Sciences Bocconi

Everything is easy!
Nina is a fantastic mentor with a wealth of knowledge. Her comments on the personal statement and resume were invaluable. With the support of EduCat - Perfectly I got my MSc Economic and Social Sciences at Bocconi! I wholeheartedly recommend it!


Preparation of documents
If someone wants to write a good PS for foreign studies, I sincerely recommend that they apply to an EduCat mentor. Helpful, experienced and kind person with whom cooperation is a pleasure!



Aarhus University

Perfect support
Very good approach, fast and very effective, specific help, I recommend!



I wholeheartedly recommend it!
EduCat is full of professionalism and support at every level of the application - even in emergency and unforeseen situations 🙂 Contact with Nina is a pleasure - kindness, concreteness and complete support.



University of Oxford

EduCat gives hope to study abroad for everyone.
I mean really everyone, from people from small towns to people with a limited budget. The prices are comparatively cheaper than in companies offering similar support in the university application and you get personalized help from students at the world's best universities. During my application at Oxford, I relied on the knowledge offered by friends already studying in the UK, who told me about the recruitment process and how to prepare for it. I think that using the services of EduCat is an amazing opportunity to ensure the best chance of getting into university.



King’s College London

I am sure that if I were to summarize my experience with Nina, the review would reach lengths of a finished personal statement
On the other hand, I know no one likes to read such long reviews, thus I will try to keep it short. Let me begin by saying that EduCat is the best value for money organisation helping students study at their dream universities. Last year, I received aid from a long-established competitive organisation and after working with Nina this year; I know that I should have gone with Perfectly Personal in the first place.

EduCat’s offer was much more attractive than the competitors. For a lower price, I received a 1-on-1 help from an Oxford University graduate, who guided me through the process of the application. Nina carefully helped me select the universities that I would apply to based on my high school subjects and achieved grades. Nina also equipped me with all information about UCAS and how to use it. Last, she provided constant, daily feedback on my personal statement and resources, which clarified the writing process. No matter the hour, Nina was available to answer questions and concerns that I had throughout the application period.

What can I say - the name EduCat speaks for itself. And if you have any more doubts, just visit Nina’s LinkedIn. She sure must be good at what she is doing 😉



Sciences Po

I recommend cooperation because of the friendly and at the same time very specific working atmosphere.
The feedback I received when creating a personal statement and CV was factual and helped me to really raise their level.
What speaks for EduCat the most are customer results. Now, I am writing from the perspective of a person who, using the services of EduCat, got into a prestigious and selective university (Sciences Po). I am convinced that the advice I heard and implemented during the cooperation was an important element of this success!

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EduCat helps you at every step of the way when applying to study abroad. To learn more about the cost of studies, contact an EduCat expert at: +48 534 317 466

or by e-mail:


EduCat helps you at every step of the way when applying to study abroad. To learn more about the cost of studies, contact an EduCat expert at: +48 534 317 466

or by e-mail:


Yes, EduCat helps you at every step of the way when applying to study abroad. To learn more about the cost of studies, contact an EduCat expert at: +48 534 317 466

or by e-mail:

The application process to study abroad is different in every country and almost every university. It usually includes several steps, including the creation of documents such as a cover letter, CV, obtaining references from a teacher and a test or an interview. At each of these stages, you will be assisted by EduCat, i.e. a platform supporting the application process to any university abroad. To learn more, please visit:

The cost of studying abroad depends on the country, university and course you choose. There are several countries in Europe where you can study for free. It’s even possible in the US! To learn more about the costs of studies, contact an EduCat expert at: +48 534 317 466.

There are several ways to finance your study abroad. The optimal way depends on your financial situation and country, as well as the university where you decide to study. The available options are: credit, scholarships, grants, savings, work parallel to studies. To find out more, contact an EduCat expert at: +48 534 317 466

Our company consists of over 130 people who have already studied or are still studying abroad. You will hear the same from each of them – although the process of applying for such studies is not easy, it is 100% worth the effort. Why? New, unavailable in Poland, academic and professional opportunities, earnings after graduation higher by an average of 20-60% (depending on the university and field of study) and international connections are just three of the dozens of reasons that we could list.

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Have more questions? It’s normal. Contact your Customer Assistant to dispel any doubts regarding studying abroad or financing such studies.

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